S. D. Kallman, L.P. is a mid-sized multi-disciplinary firm that works on a variety of public and private projects.  Our goal is to provide quality state-of-the-art engineering services to clients throughout the State of Texas.  S. D. Kallman’s mission statement is to design projects that are on-time and in budget, with the Client’s needs and desires strictly in mind!

Our Staff

S. D. Kallman differs from many engineering firms in that our staff is entirely comprised of experienced engineers and technicians. At S. D. Kallman, we have concentrated on building a firm with individuals who complement each other.  Each member of our firm brings something important to the table.  We believe that the strength of a firm is not based on an individual person but on the collective strength of our team.  S. D. Kallman has shown that we can produce large-scale projects that are usually handled by firms three times our size.

Our Practice

We seek to develop relationships of trust through communication, professional integrity, and consistent, exceptional performance.  We have worked diligently to develop a long list of current and former satisfied clients. Our firm provides individual expertise in the following areas:

  • Wastewater Collection Systems and Lift Stations
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Water Well Development
  • Water Storage, Transmission, and Distribution
  • Street and Drainage Systems
  • Master Plan Development for Municipal Water, Wastewater, Street and Drainage and Park Infrastructure
  • Computerized Mapping
  • Commercial and Industrial Site Plans
  • Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone Applications for Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Swimming Pool and Parks
  • Subdivision Review
  • Construction Management


We believe in ethical engineering practices and high professional and personal standards.


S. D. Kallman seeks to remain financially competitive.  At S. D. Kallman, we further seek ways to save our clients’ money by eliminating inefficient, redundant, or unnecessary steps.  Our designs also focus on economic efficiency.  We believe that it is crucial to save our clients’ money, not just in the design and construction of a project, but over the life of that project with strict attention to on-going operation and maintenance costs.


S. D. Kallman endeavors to stay on the cutting edge of planning, design, and construction engineering.  Whether it is with new or unique processes, new regulations, using creative and innovative means to rehabilitate existing equipment, or innovative and cutting-edge techniques, S. D. Kallman will make the most appropriate and innovative recommendations for our clients’ needs.


S. D. Kallman is currently certified by the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency as a Small Business Enterprise. S. D. Kallman also is on the Master List of Engineers approved by Texas Department of Rural Affairs (now General Land Office) to be involved in the Hurricane Ike and Dolly Relief effort.

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